Perfect integration in the environment of the swimmingpool, incorporates all the functions.


Automatic operation, no daily supervision.


no investment in the construction of a technical room.


Excellent filtration for a pure and healthy water

Why choose our filtration units ?

Our filtration units allows to sell more pools because less time is needed for the construction and does not require swimming pool technicians and electricitrians.

  • All our filtration units incorporate all the functions and are very easy to install.

  • With our filtration units, the interventions of the technicians according to the progress of the construction site are minimized.

  • The filtraiton group and wall, thanks to their evolution capacities, allows to sell standard units and add it gradually the options. You sell then the options (swim counter-current, treatment with salt, by-pass) later according to the budget of the customer.

  • For the renovation market, our pipeless units are well adapted, because it avoids very high costs of renovation of pipings and filtration equipments.In the case of large swimming pools, it is easy and always economic to install many units.

  • The filtration unit is also interesting for the owner who sales its house, who reconditions the swimming pool at a lower cost and produces the attractive operation of purchase